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کیو سرا میتا fs1600

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-    Paper feed unit open    The cassette is open in the option paper feeder
-    Top cover Open    Interlock (SW2 on KP-373/418 [AC] board) is open
-    Opt feeder 1 (2) rear cover Open    The rear cover of the frist (second) option feeder is open
-    Developer unit connection error    The developer connector is loose or not connected
-    Replace Toner kit TK-12 feeder    Toner in the developer has been exhausted and the toner concentration in the developing powder is not restorable The printer does not operate when this message is displayed’c
-    Missing Toner container    Toner container is not installed
-    Paper jam    Paper is jammed inside the printer Depending on the part of the printer at which jam has occurred, one of the feed or stack indicators flashes; Ready indicator flashes; and ATTENTION lights After the jam is removed, the printer automatically prints the same page again unless the paper was caught before or in the fuser unit
-    Remove manual feed paper    Paper exists on the manual feed tray while the paper source is envelope feeder
-    IC-CARD error insert again    The IC card is accidentally removed while rereading
-    Insert the same IC CARD    The wrong IC card was inserted, following the IC-CARD error/insert again message
-    Memory overflow Press ON LINE    The total amount of the data received by the printer exceeds the printer’s internal memory
-    Print overrun Press ON LINE    The data transferred to the printer was too complex to print on a page
-    Add paper    The paper cassette is empty or not mounted, or manual feed mode is activated but no paper is present in the manual feed tray
-    Warning low toner TK-12    The toner supply in the developer is being exhausted The printer will stop printing after several ten pages of printing
-    Warning Short memory    The printer’s internal memory is running out due to too many macros and fonts downloaded
E0    Call service person E0    Engine communication error The engine controller won’t respond to the command sent by the system via the dual port RAM in approx 1     copyir.com2 seconds
E1    Call service person E1    Main Motor Error The pulse signal is not detected
E4    Call service person E4    Fuser Heater Error
E5    Call service person E5    Eraser Error The eraser current is less than 15mA (normally 65 mA)
E6    Call service person E6    Engine ROM check sum error
E9    Call service person E9    Toner Motor Error The toner motor current is 120 mA or more for one second (normally 30 mA)
EE EF    Call service person EE/EF    Drum Heater Error/Total Page Counter Error
F1    Call service person F1    System Checksum Error An error is detected in the controller The Ready-symbol and ON LINE indicators go off; and ATTENTION lights The printer does not operate when this message is displayed
F2    Call service person F2    Main RAM Error

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